Friday, 19 April 2013

Wish you were here

My dad lost his battle to Cancer in 2000. I've adjusted to not having him around but on special days like this I miss him madly! Wish he was here to see me walk down the aisle as I married my soulmate. He wasn't even around to meet Zaid but I know he would've been proud of the man that Zaid is and the husband and dad that he's become.

Wish my dad was here to watch these little monsters grow. He was a 'kids person' and would've been beside himself with joy as we now have 4 littlies under 5 in the family.

A lot of people that see Anees say that they can see my Dad in him. I've shown Anees pictures of my dad and he's asked where is he. I've told him that he's in heaven. I don't know why but I've painted this picture of heaven where there's sunshine and flowers and butterflies and bunnies. Anees says when we go to heaven we must not forget to wear our sunglasses so that we don't get sun in our eyes. ( you just gotta love him)

Anees was lucky enough to have his great grandmother 'Mama' look after him. She too unfortunately passed away and it was his first encounter with death. He was still quite young and I told him that she had gone to heaven. He was very attached to her as she looked after him from 5 months old until she broke her hip when he was 18 months old. He still asks about her when he sees pictures of her and that's where my elaborate descriptions of heaven originated. I even told him that she comes to visit him at night while he's sleeping and she kisses him at the back of his neck as she fondly used to do. He always ends up in giggles as I kiss him on the back of his neck and tickle him a bit. I can see the love he has for her in his eyes when we talk about her.

I miss you Dad, so much so that it hurts today.

I understand that death is part of life and I know that I'm an adult but I too will rejoice in the image of you lying in the sun amidst the flowers and butterflies in Heaven. (Hopefully with your sunglasses on)

Love Nasima

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