Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My giggle for the day

I remember the days when we were dating. We'd do silly little things to express our love and devotion. Zaid created an entire word search puzzle once. I found it adorable. (Thats one other thing i forgot i used to enjoy) He also used to make custom cards. (Being a creative in the ad industry helps) He melted my heart when he took a pic of his 5110 and e mailed it to me. The message on the screen read 'Happy Birthday My Queen' I'll never forget that! I still have a copy of it.

Boys I hope you too are as creative and romantic as Dad. (Sorry babes hope I'm not ruining your street cred! ;))

Sometimes when you're all grown up you tend to forget to show the people around you that you care and appreciate them.

Zaid is busy watching the soccer so this is what I got up to. I loved the smile it brought to his face and the little giggle that we shared.

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