Tuesday, 23 April 2013

It's about quality not quantity

So I awoke to more whining and fighting this morning. When the boys get like this it puts me in a 'funk'. I find myself pining over care free pre-kids days when spontaneity was the order of the day. When we could just be and not worry about how our actions are moulding personalities that might or might not end up having issues as adults one day.

When I'm feeling this way I know it's best to keep my interactions with the boys to a minimum. I prefer to retreat to my safe haven in my head where I don't have to be teaching them to share or shouting at them for fighting. If I spend an hour with them today without any shouting then my mission is accomplished. I know my limits these days. I know when I need to withdraw before I become that mother that is grumpy and would rather be somewhere else.

I'm so glad that I'll be at work for a full day tomorrow. I've even rewarded myself with a day off work so I can indulge in all things Nasima. Thursday will be 'Me Day'

By Friday I should be liking the monsters again. Just enough to get me through the weekend as a Happy Mom ;)

Yours truly


  1. I'm having the same issue this side. I wonder if they're not having the nest time at school. Roll on new term and stability!

    1. Amen to that Margot. Felix and Anees will be in the same class in the new term. I've been told that Felix's dad is a 'hospital guy' and he also 'locks up bad guys' LOL