Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Happy Days

You boys are being so nice to each other. I overheard a conversation between the 2 of you yesterday.

Rameez : Please open the crayons
Anees: Here you go my brother
Rameez: Thank you Anees
Anees: My pleasure

I couldn't believe my ears. My heart swelled with pride. You boys can be polite and good when you wanna be. Fikile says you boys never fight when you're with her. I'm assuming the fighting is a call for my attention.

Dad had some stuff to do around the house today. He didnt need little helpers so I decided to take the 2 of you out for the morning.I was anxious wondering if I would manage. Rameez you're quite adventurous and free spirited,as you should be. It's just difficult to keep up with you especially since you don't want to sit in your pram.

I had some errands to run but Anees managed to persuade me otherwise! We ended up at Serendipity.

Serendipity is not as busy or big as the other kid friendly places. It's intimate and has lots of helpers to give a guiding hand should you need help up the jungle gym or trampoline. The dress up area is well stocked with costumes to fulfill any child's fantasies. Anees chose Batman. (Of course, he's obsessed with superheroes and good guys and bad guys)

I enjoyed some time in the sun, walking barefoot with you guys, indulging in your fantasies and remembering what it's like to have not a care in the world.
Chocolate was the order of the day! Chocolate milkshake and chocolate covered crumpets too!

I love you boys.

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  1. This is why i would like to have a boy :)