Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Therapy day

So I saw Natasha today.

Since Anees was 4 months old I've been seeing Natasha. He had a raging ear infection and had spent the first 4 months of his life projectile vomiting, breastfeeding sometimes hourly and not sleeping longer than 20 mins at times. He didnt have 'baby soft' skin like I thought he would, he had bad ezcema and often scratched himself open. On that day I called Zaid and instructed him to come home immediately because Anees would not stop crying uncontrollably. It was just too much to handle. Something was wrong, I called the pead and set up an appointment. She looked him over for 2 mins and said he had reflux and was lactose intolerant and said I should start him on solids immediately and stop breastfeeding. I was a blubbering mess in her office that day. That was the day she told me she thought I had PND and suggested I see someone. That was the start of my relationship with Natasha.

PND? What's that? Depressed? Me? No! Yes there are times when I cry for no reason and times when I just wish the world away. But no I'm not depressed.The first appointment was the most difficult. It's kinda awkward like a first date lol!

Now Natasha is an integral part of my existence. I look forward to our monthly appointments where I can offload and process everything that's happened to me. Therapy gives me time to reflect and a chance to just pack things away and not to hold onto anything.

I feel so much 'lighter' after a session. I'm good to go for the next month. Lol


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