Sunday, 14 April 2013


When did life get so busy? All of a sudden it feels like I hardly ever have downtime. Between work, gym, school meetings, study groups, CPD workshops, QT with the boys and QT with Zaid and not to mention trying to fit in time with family and friends, I find that there's just no downtime. Well today I took some much needed downtime.

You boys were ecstatic this morning when I announced I wasn't going to gym. We lied in bed and just cuddled. Rameez, you love cuddling. It's the sweetest thing. All you want from me when I get home from work or early in the morning is that I lay with you. You have this obsession with my hair. You love holding my hair when you wanna fall asleep or just when I hold you. I find it endearing most times. So you lied next to me and held my hair as you're doing now.

We lied around the house and watched tv and played and then went out to get lunch. After lunch Rameez and I had a nap. Dad even took a photo of us. I love sleeping with you next to me Rameez. You lay enveloped in my arms with your hand in my hair. I'll cherish these moments because soon you'll be like your brother. 'Mom don't lay with me,just kiss me and go'

We headed off to Delta park for the afternoon. It was a gorgeous warm Autumn afternoon.You boys loved it. We ended the day at Filo frozen yogurt.

As I lay here now I know I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.


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