Sunday, 21 April 2013

More birthday love

Birthdays are never just one day celebrations with us. We celebrate as a foursome and then with the family and Anees has a party at school too.

Rameez isn't at school yet, so he had a small celebration on his actual birthday. The day starts with us decorating a small cake and then singing and having cake for breakfast. What better way to start your birthday(especially if you're a cake-a-holic like Rameez) We then like to watch the video or look at photos of the day the boys were born. I always love the fascination on their faces as we look through old photos and I love the conversation that ensues as we discuss the day. Rameez was thrilled with his chocolate cake that 'I made self'. He giggled everytime we blew out the candles. We probably had to do it like 10 times. There was more requests for blowing out the candle when I got home from work and I was more than happy to oblige.

Today we spent the day with all the family. What a lovely day. The highlight for Rameez was definitely his Teletubbies cake baked with love by Gran. The look of sheer excitement on his face when he saw the cake was priceless. He kept wanting to taste it so we put it high up on the ledge and while we ate lunch we caught him just staring at it longingly.

Me and my nieces

The family feels quite big, when we're all together we're a rowdy bunch. It's always nice to have everybody together at the same time. We might not see each other often but every effort is made to get together for someone's birthday.

Taz and Deen

Anees we are very proud of you for letting Rameez enjoy the limelight. You are already counting down to your next birthday which is almost a year away. We just love how you are such a kind brother that you are willing to share all Rameez's birthday toys with him. LOL.

Rameez you looked like you had an absolute ball! Your wish for 'cake and toys' was most certainly fulfilled.

Love Mom

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