Friday, 12 April 2013

Conversations with a 4 year old

Anees, I really think that as you age our relationship gets better.

I'm adoring you right now. Our conversations are a great source of laughter for me. Especially when you ask me things like if I think you'll have earrings or smoke when you're a teenager. You're amazed when I say to you that those will be your choices to make, and even more amazed when I tell you that Mom and Nani used to smoke. You don't realize it but I was very different before you born. You even laugh when I tell you mom and dad used to go dancing in a club. You look bewildered and then you start breakdancing and asking if thats how we used to dance. LOL . You can't understand that through time Mom and Dad have evolved to become what you see now. As you will.

"It would indeed be a sad state of affairs if I am the same person today that I was a year ago as that would mean I haven't learned anything"

You're in a such a hurry to grow up right now and I love the enthusiasm and zest for life that you have. I hope that as you evolve you never lose it.

Love Nasima


  1. Love the ramblings my friend!!

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