Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Food for thought...The Enneagram

Anees attends My World in Parkwood. They offer parent workshops during the course of the year. The February workshop was held by life coach Michelle Bennets. She presented on the enneagram. She is a lively and dynamic speaker. We left the workshop empowered and our communication levels have never been better. We understand each others personality types and core motivations so we are better able to empathise with each other and understand why each responds to situations in a specific way.

This site is worth checking out: The Enneagram Personality System

Its a fun thing for couples to look at together. You can help identify each others personality types and i have no doubt it will enhance your relationship.

I'm a Type 6 . Once I understood the Enneagram it gave me insight as to why I had made certain decisions in my life. It certainly opened up my eyes to a whole new perspective on how i understand myself and the people around me.

Have fun.

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