Thursday, 18 April 2013

Happy Birthday Rameez!

We definately wanted a 2nd child but we had no idea that you would come along so soon. We found out at 12 weeks that you were a little boy.

At 38 weeks we visited Dr Bothner and she asked if we'd like to wait for nature to take its course. I'm unfortunately not the patient type, so a C section was scheduled for a week later on the 19th April 2011.We prepared your brother adequately for your arrival by reading 'I'm going to be a big brother' ad nauseam. It helped that the main character looked a lot like Anees.

Dad chose your brothers name so I could choose yours. I was on FB one day and saw a post by Tasneem's ( brother Rameez Hendricks. I fell in love with the name immediately. Rameez means : noble and dignified. So it was decided that you would be named Rameez.

On the day before your arrival I went to the hairdresser and had my hair done as well as a mani and pedi. I wanted to be wheeled into theatre looking all glamorous for when I meet you. This wasn't my first rodeo as I had a C Section with Anees as well. There was absolutely no anxiety this time around , just sheer excitement.

We awoke early on the 19th and left for the hospital at 6 am. This is a pic of us before they prepped me for surgery.

By the grace of God everything went smoothly and you were in our arms before we knew it. I must admit that even the 2nd time around it still felt surreal. I knew you were there inside of me but to hold you in my arms just left me speechless and in awe of how perfect you are. I cant honestly say it was love at first sight. My love for you grew over the days and months that followed as you morphed from 'blob' (newborn) to human. Lol.

You're brother was besotted with you from the time he laid eyes on you. We are so proud of how gentle and loving he was with you. (this is not currently the case, we having boxing and wrestling matches now)

If there is one word to describe your personality it would be spunky ( showing courage; fiesty; spirited; displaying animation, vigor or liveliness; brave) Your skateboard and capoeira antics have us giggling all the time. At 2 you are more than capable of communicating your needs and your vocabulary astounds and surprises us everyday. You're a little parrot and we've even heard you say 'sharp homie' and you yell 'Yeahhhh buddddyyyy'
You're at the 'I do it self' stage and are enjoying your new found independence as
we allow you to do more things for yourself. We just love how you burst with pride when you accomplish something.

May Allah protect you, guide you and keep you in good health, always.Happy 2nd birthday Rameez.

Love Mom

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